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   Sign up with us as a Member and enjoy a range of services free of additional charge. Our popular Membership Scheme gives you peace of mind knowing that we are at your side ready to help you with day to day living in Spain. The scheme entitles you to the following useful services:

Free Tax Returns

   Whether you are Resident in Spain or Non-Resident you are obliged to present a tax return to the Spanish Tax Authority. A resident is required to present an Income Tax return, and a non-resident must present a tax return based on the properties owned in Spain. We will prepare and present the appropriate tax return for you.

Consultations and Advice

   Consultations in person or by telephone. Whether you are here or overseas you know that help and advice is always on hand.

Telephone Interpreter Services

   This allows you to call us and for us to act as your interpreter when you are dealing with the Police, Doctors, Town Hall, builders etc. All of our team are bilingual and ready to help you.

Document Explanations

   As a Member of Expat Services Spain, we will explain documents, letters, bills, notes, emails, official notices, and anything else that you are unclear about.

Document Holding Service

   We can hold originals documents for you at our conveniently located office.

Free Photocopies and Faxes

   Our Members enjoy free photocopies and faxes sent anywhere in Spain.