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Tax and Residency Services

Tax and Declarations

   Whether you are Resident in Spain or Non-Resident you are obliged to present a tax return to the Spanish Tax Authority. A resident is required to present an Income Tax return, and a non-resident must present a tax return based on the properties owned in Spain. We can advise and assist in these matters, and ensure your tax affairs are taken care of regardless of your Resident status in Spain.

NIE numbers

   If you are planning on buying a property, a car or working in Spain then you will require an NIE number. The NIE number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) is a tax number given to all foreigners which then relates to all transactions involving tax. This NIE is mandatory for all foreigners engaging in such transactions. We can advise you on your requirements and help with your application.

Residency Status

   As a foreigner in Spain you will have one of a few Residency options, but generally a choice of Non-Resident and Resident. Your status can be decided as simply by how long you wish to be in Spain for, but a person with a full Resident certificate can enjoy more benefits and priveleges than a Non-Resident. These certificates are not permanent and need renewing every so many years. Expat Services Spain can advise you based on your requirements and situation as how to get the most out of your experience in Spain, and arrange all the paperwork for you.

Self-Employment / Business Start Up

   If you are thinking of becoming self-employed or starting a small business, then we can advise you of what is involved and how best to proceed. We will advise you of the relevant tax considerations and necessary paperwork. Whether you decide to set up a company or be a sole trader, then we can do the relevant registrations and subsequently prepare your 3-monthly tax returns.