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Passports and Spanish Wills

Passport Applications

   If you or a family member need to apply for a Spanish passport for the first time, or perhaps need a UK passport for a new baby in the family, we can help.

Passport Renewals

   Passports expire after a date, depending on the age of the holder. Should your UK passport expire and become invalid whilst you are in Spain, we can assist and guide you through the renewal process.

Wills in Spain

   Anyone with assets in Spain will require a Spanish Will, which complies with Spanish Inheritance laws, and the execution of that Will. A foreign Will is not suffcient to cover assets in another country. We can prepare a Spanish Will for you and accompany you to the signing in front of the Notary ( Notario ).

Spanish Inheritance Laws

   In the case of inheritance we can assist you through this traumatic time, preparing Inheritance deeds, registering any properties in your name, and guiding you through everything that needs to be done. Spanish inheritance laws differ from the UK, and procedures must be followed in accordance with Spanish law.